Swiss Watch Reviews: Reviews on the Rolex Branded New Air King Watch

Even though 2016 has gone by, the hottest watches in 2016 are still here, rolex’s new Air King watch and the new Explorer I watch can be two very popular quality replica watches, and the price are also very similar, so a lot of friends do not know how to choose these two watches. Today let’s take a review on it and make a contrast, to do a reference for everyone who make tough decisions.

Price advantage

For the new Rolex Air King watch, one of the advantage is its price, which is cheaper than that of the new Rolex Explorer, even though the difference is not so big.

Design advantage

The new Rolex Air King watch is the branded new design, and it is different from all the Rolex watches before, which has more fresh feeling. But for the Rolex Explore I watch, it only lengthened the watch minute pointer, and increased the luminous indication, without too many changes, so there is doubt in terms of the attraction. And new air king wrist watch adopts the design of 40 mm in diameter, 1 mm bigger than the new Rolex Explorer I, which is more in line with the aesthetic trend of big watch size.

Magnetic advantages

The new Rolex Air King watch is carrying with the Rolex 3131 automatic winding movement, which is the same movement as the green Rolex Milgauss watch, and it adopts the paramagnetic escapement gear train, so it also has the same super antimagnetic ability, this is what the Rolex new Explorer I does not have.

The Rolex new Air King watch has the novel design, but not all people like this kind of design, some people say that it is the ugliest Rolex they have seen, and the noctilucence of the new Rolex Air King watch can be its shortage, as there are so many other Rolex watches with strong noctilucence, such as the Rolex submariner, Rolex Explorer ect. But just make your choice according to your preference.


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