Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 Watch

This year’s SIHH Geneva show, the Piaget was launching a rose gold watch, which was known as the world’s most thin wrist watch, and it fused the movement and watchcase as a whole, reducing the thickness of the wrist watch to the extreme. About the thickness of the wrist watch, probably it hasn’t the thinnest watch but the thinner watch only, not only the Piaget, many watch brands are committed to the research and development of the ultra-thin watches with the extreme thickness and great functions. In the 2017 SIHH, in addition to the Piaget, the Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched the ultra-thin wrist watches. Here we are take a review on the Piaget ultra-thin watch Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 in the follows:

Ultra-thin wrist watch has always been the famous watches in Piaget brand, and 60 years ago, Piaget launched the best watch – 9 p ultra-thin watch which caused the blockbuster, and 60 years later, Piaget also launched this extreme thin wrist watch, reshowing the unsurpassed performance at that time. Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 Watch is made by18 k rose gold, which is just 38 mm in diameter, and the thickness is of only 3.65 mm, and it is the world’s thinnest 18 k rose gold wrist watch.

The watch dial of the replica luxury watches applied the eccentric layout, eccentric type hour hand, minute hand small dial was set at 10 o ‘clock position in the watch dial, which was elaborately decorated with grain, and the outer marker bezel through satin drawing processing, showed the fine texture. At the rest position of the watch dial, we can enjoy the precise operation of the movement parts. The watch bridge has been dealt with chamfering processing and the sun radiating fog surface polishing; the wheel gear was polished with the sun radial or loop fog surface polishing. This Piaget watch was carrying the Piaget homemade 900 p ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, and the gem number is 20, which can provide dynamic storage for about 48 hours. And it set limit pieces to only 200.


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