Cartier Watches: Reviews on Tank Louis Cartier Watches

In the early 1920 s, the style of the Tank watch case became rectangle from the square, such as bending Tank Cintrée wrist watch (1921), Tank L.C. wrist watch (Tank Louis Cartier watches, 1922), as well as Tank Allongée wrist watch (1922). Since then, the Tank watches appeares in a variety of different names and appearance, it has square Tank watches, or rectangle Tank watches as well. As what Franco Cologni points out, the specification changes casually, it is the proof of the perfect proportion of the original Tank watch.

During one hundred years, no matter how market and trends ebbed and flowed, Tank watch can always responsed. In 1922, Cartier Tank Chinoise wrist watch was launched. Tank Chinoise wrist watch got inspiration from the temple bar, the beam column up and down also is echoing with the two side vertical watch ears. In 1978 and 1979, Cartier subsequently released two new Tank Chinoise wrist watches for men and women. In 1928, when the market showed great interest in digital display, and thought that it was more modern than traditional minute hand, Tank à Guichets wrist watch arisen at the historic moment.

Some clients wanted to flip the swiss replica watches, in order to protect the dial, so as to realize the personalized engraving, in response to this need, in the year of 1932 the Cartier Tank Réversible was born. Tank Réversibl watches applied the Cartier – Jaeger-LeCoultre patent technology design, and it has become the Tank Basculante wrist watch’s sources of inspiration. Tank Basculante wrist watch produced only 416 pieces in the history, due to its scarcity it was deeply loved and chased by the watch collector. And the Tank Must watch issued in 1977 belonged to Must DE Cartier series, with silver plating watchcase, and different colors of paint dial, and more affinity price, it was widely popular among young customers.


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