Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Tag Heuer F1 Watches

Tag heuer has been celebrated as an example of the Swiss avant-garde accurate watchmaking, and it adheres to create accurate timing tool and exquisite watches. Tag heuer FORMULA 1 (F1 series) is a classical sporty series, and this series wrist watch combines the sporty inspiration of the F 1, to be moving and fashionable. Here we are to review on a Tag Heuer special F1 series chronograph which is showing honor to the driver Elton senna, and the official model is CAZ1012. BA0883.

Elton senna is a famous race car driver in Brazil and he has won the F 1 world champions for three times, and he is also the most popular driver in the history of the car racing. And this senna special edition timing clock with the dynamic modelling, shows the charm of driver racing, tributes the legend driver in the history of the F1 racing history.

The watch case of this highly dynamic wrist watch is made with stainless steel, matching with the stainless steel speed testing watch bezel, and the watch case is carrying with a quartz movement. The outer edge of the low-key charming silver dial has the time scale and minutes scales, in the center there is the pointer; And there designs the hour plate and small second plate on the dial. The replica swiss watches are matching with a stainless steel chain strap. The watch not only has excellent timing function, also has waterproof function of depth of 200 meters, and it features dynamic hale style, and does not lose the vogue style.

The screw-down crown in the central is made with the stainless steel material, the outer layer is carbon titanium coating layer, the top of the watch crown is decorated with the pattern which is fusing with the Tag Heuer logo, and the side has grooved decoration, so it is convenient to grasp; the timing buttons located in the upper and lower sides are cylindrical, whose grinding is delicate, and you will feel comfortable.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Branded New Rolex Explorer Watch

Time Advantage

For the old Rolex Explorer I watch, it was released in the 2010 Basel watch exhibition, and the branded new Rolex Explorer I just makes some changes on the length of the watch minute pointer, so it can be said that the new Rolex Explorer I has been passed the test of seven years, so it is every reliable. But when it comes to the branded new Rolex Air King watch, it still needs the test of the time. And the Rolex Explorer I has accumulated a certain amount of fans after the accumulation of time, so it is also what the new air king watch does not have.

An-shock advantage

The branded new Rolex Explorer I watch is carrying with the Rolex 3132 automatic winding movement, compared with the 3131 movement of the new Rolex Air King watch, although it has no super antimagnetic ability, the 3132 movement is carrying with the rolex own Paraflex suspension device, theoretically its shock ability is stronger.

Luminous advantage

In 2016, the rolex released a noctilucent photo of the branded new Rolex Explorer I, the time scales all adopted the luminous design, enchanting blue luminescent photos once released, a lot of watches fans are willing to buy the new Rolex Explorer I. Relatively, the new air king watch is shabby, in addition to the same pointer USES noctilucent design, and the triangle time scale at 12 o ‘clock position is luminous, others all not luminous design.

There is not obvious shortage for the Rolex New Explorer I, all the places that had been criticized for many times have been changed, and minutes pointer has been lengthened, 3, 6, 9 o’clock time scales are using luminous design, and it can say that it is a wrist watch that is very perfect; but some friends also think that it will be better if the diameter is increased a little, of course, I personally think that size of the rolex swiss replica is very good now.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Patek Philppe Nautilus Watches

In 2016, patek philippe Nautilus celebrated the 40th anniversary. Since the advent, Nautilus almost has no change, retro elegant appearance makes it enduring classic.

Back in 1976, patek philippe launched Nautilus series wrist watch. Nautilus belongs to a very special generation, only few watches models that can enjoy this enviable position. Nautilus is not just a patek philippe’s stainless steel watch that has the most movement style; it is also full of elegant charm, which is sought after by the market and collectors of all ages. At first glance, the Nautilus is not distinct classic work.

Different from swiss replica watches that were produced in the 1950 s and 1960 s, the design of the Nautilus is very unique. Although named after the most famous submarine in literature (Jules Verne novel, the Nautilus is not diving watch. The original 120 meters of waterproof is not particularly outstanding. Nautilus’s success and reputation, at the end of the day, comes from its unique personality.

In history, the appearance of the Nautilus changes little, and it is quite different from some other trademark series. But this is not the style of patek philippe, Nautilus is faithful to the original design of the industry legend Gérald Genta, nature essence almost is intact, and it is the main reason. Nautilus watchcase is neither round nor square, but somewhere in between. From the back side of the watch, the real contour is obvious: starting from the narrow integrated watch ear, the watch in the middle ring is expanding, and then narrowed to the other side. Equipped with wide bezel, on both sides there are the watch ears, on the one hand, it can protect the crown, on the other hand it can keep the symmetry of the watch. If you thought that you can see the hinge, you’re wrong, as its purpose is to enhance navigation image. Bezel is not round, nor pillow shape: eight facets are in perfect round arc.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

Featuring the classic round case, Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series watches combine traditional elegance and superb skills together, to show the brand value of the concept of treasure. Every details of the new Traditionnelle Chrono Perpetual Calendar watch (47292 / 000P-9510) reflects the unique design specifications of the series: the back of this watch is decorated with the unique groove pattern of the ladder-type platinum case, Tai-style pointer and track-type minutes bezel. The white speed scale around the dial of the replica watches usa highlights the technical characteristics of this watch.

In order to improve the readability of information, the gray dial according to different functions shows different colors and retouching, to remind people of the dial layout of the 1940s Vacheron Constantin chronograph watch. Small seconds bezel and 30 minutes chronograph bezel are decorated with external scrub ring and central scroll pattern, which is especially vivid. Moon phase profit and loss display plate is made with 22K white gold material, and made by hand, with the passage of time, the moon is also smiling and melancholy between the change.

Exquisite appearance aesthetics is matching with its own advanced movement technology. The new Traditionnelle series perpetual calendar watch is equipped with Caliber 1142 QP movement, and the movement is completely made by Vacheron Constantin independently, replacing the previous Caliber 1141 QP movement. Caliber 1142 QP movement is equipped with perpetual calendar function – including date, week, month, leap year and moon phase profit and loss display – and timing function. The regular small seconds hand and 30 minutes timing bezel are set at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively.

In the Caliber 1142 QP movement research and development, Vacheron Constantin watchmakers and developers focus on energy conservation, to minimize impact of the timing function on the 48-hour power storage. The balance wheel frequency is also raised from 2.5 Hz to 3 Hz (21,600 beats per hour) in order to improve the reliability and impact resistance of the movement. Vacheron Constantin’s new Traditionnelle series perpetual calendar watch has a hand-sewn Mississippi crocodile leather strap, and matching with 950 platinum folding clasp.

Swiss Watch: Reviews on the Panerai Luminor 1950 Series 44 mm Watch

Panerai was founded in the year of 1860, and it is famous for its precision machinery and excellent quality, in the earlier times, it produced precision instruments and wrist watch for Italian royal navy, Panerai now has become a world famous senior sports watch brand. With the design inspiration from the sea, Panerai will position its brand for high-grade watches in the field of sports and leisure. Here we are to take a review on one of the high quality swiss replica watches from Panerai, and it is Panerai Luminor 1950 Series 44 mm watch 3 days power flyback ceramic watch PAM00580, which is every elegant in appearance, and the function is excellent.

This Panerai watch case is made of the black ceramic material, with the size diameter is 44 mm, and above the watch case, it uses the stainless steel watch bezel. Inside the watch case it is carrying with the Panerai homemade automatic mechanical movement, whose performance is excellent. The watch dial design is very exquisite and atmospheric, which is covered with the sapphire crystal glass mirror. And the Panerai watch is matched with a brown calf-leather band, being retro and elegant.

The watch crown is applying with the Panerai trademark design, in the crown it is equipped with the arch crown protection bridge, not only showing unique personality, and it can effectively protect the watch crown; Crown use the rounded crown that this Luminor series has always been using, in decorated with ridges on the side of the crown, so it is convenient to grasp to set-up time.

The cutting profile of the Panerai Luminor Pam00580 watch is very smooth, and the black surface is sending off deep low light, to let a person get drunk. The watch case is generous and stable and also full of rich edges, to be straightforward; Round watch bezel and the watch case are not molded as an organic whole, instead, it has more three-dimensional sense.

Cartier Watches: Reviews on the Clé De Cartier Couple Watches

Chinese Valentine’s Day is a very romantic traditional festival as a symbol of loyalty in love. Therefore Cartier reveals two watches for couple, both are from Cle DE Cartier series, wrist watch models respectively are: WSCL0007 and WSCL0006.

Cartier Clé de Cartier watches feature the mellow and full curve lines, contracted design, and it gets its name from the key-shape winding watch crown. The key to everything is accuracy, balance and proportion. Cartier with virtuosity creates elegant flawless appearance, elegant and simple style and the beauty of harmony. Old clock has been using the key as a tool to wind and set up the time, until the middle of the nineteenth century, the performance of the key winding and the set-up time is gradually replaced by the crown. Nowadays, Clé de Cartier gets the design inspiration from the key, which is full of nostalgia and regression.

Men’s wrist watch diameter is of 40 mm in diameter, foils man mature temperament. Cabinet and delicate lady wrist watch size 35 mm, sends out the beautiful clever shine. Thickness respectively are 11.76 mm and 10.09 mm. the stainless steel watch case which is carefully polished with the traditional watchmaking skills, and it is matching with the sapphire crystal glass, in the circumstances of ray of light, you can also read the dial information clearly. Silver carving grain dial has the sun grain radiation effect, and it is matching with the blue steel sword-shape pointer, at the same time, at the position of 6:00 o’clock position it is the date display zone.

The watch clasp of this Cartier watch applies the traditional folding design, which is safe and reliable. Three rows type stainless steel bracelet is applying with polishing and wire drawing processing. Through the transparent watch cover, you can see the internal structure clearly. These two swiss replica watches are carrying with the high-performance 1847 MC movement, whose waterproof depth is about 30 meters.


Rolex Watch: Reviews on the Branded new Rolex Cellini

rolex replicas swiss made
rolex replicas swiss made

The impression that the Rolex watches that leave on people’s mind are the solid and durable features, and the negative effect of Rolex is that it is not suitable for formal wear, as there is no classic elegant watch, and most of the Rolex watches are the partial rugged wrist watches. But in 2014, the Rolex launched the new Cellini wrist watch, showing a perfect dress elegant watch in front of everybody, giving a person deep impression; last year, on the 2016 Basel international horologe exhibition, Rolex continued to release the new Cellini wrist watch, and will continue to keep elegance and formal wear to the end. Here we are to take a review on a Rolex Cellini watch, with the watch official reference for 50505.

Rolex Cellini saluted to the Benvenuto Cellini and the pope during the Renaissance period and the king’s sculptor and goldsmith, Rolex specially made this series watch that is engraved with the name of the master. The watchmaking craft is developing to the professional cooperation of the technician from the Personal territory of a single craftsman. Each best rolex replica is the perfect combination of professional technology and exquisite craft.

The branded new Rolex Cellini watches today still have three models optional: Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. And the Rolex Cellini ref.50505 watch discussing today is belonging to the Rolex Cellini Time, and there are also two models available for you to choose from: 18k white gold watch and 18k rose gold watch, and they are also the most simple watch models among these three series.

If you review it carefully, you may find that there is some subtle changes on the branded new Rolex Cellini watches when compared with the old-version Cellini watches, but it is still the classic in the field of the Swiss watch, especially in terms of the Rolex watches.

Hublot Watches: Reviews on the Classic Fusion 515 CM. 0140. LR Watch

swiss replica watches uk
swiss replica watches uk

The extremely beautiful watch dial of this Hublot Classic Fusion 515 CM. 0140. LR Watch is applying with the ceramic watch case which is 45mm in diameter and has been dealt with the polishing treatment, and it is attaching with 6 H form titanium screw vertical satin black ceramic bezel. And the watch dial of this best replica watches uk is applying with the sapphire material, so from the surface we can glimpse into its movement, the dial is decorated with polished black coating embedded scale and Pointers, and there sets the small second dial on the position of 7 o’clock.

The skeleton movement design make this Hublot watch very slim, with the thickness of only 2.9mm. The watch crown which has been dealt with Non-slip texture is easier to cooperate, and there is the Hublot classic logo on the top. The back rubber and crocodile leather strap is matching with the black PVD coating stainless steel folding clasp, to be a unified entity with the whole watch. The Classic Fusion 515 CM. 0140. LR Watch not only is applying with the transparent dial, but also applying with the transparent watch case bottom, every side can be seen with the precious movement, to be unbeatable. The watch is carrying with the HUB1300.4 skeleton manual winding movement, and it can provide the power reserve as long as 90 hours, the watch movement has been dealt with the hairspring polishing treatment, and the movement with skeleton design has the layering sense as the city forest, seems like insidious and enigmatic.

Hublot watch with the branded new skeleton concept, the unique aesthetic design fuse the historic traditional essence, and make the outstanding special skeleton watch. The two side transparent design of the Classic Fusion 515 CM. 515. LR Watch can help you appreciate the internal precise design and the beauty of the movement operation.