Rolex Daytona: The Best Choice for Your First Time to Buy Sporty Watch

When it comes to the first luxury watch in your life, I am sure a lot of people will have no idea which one to buy, it is difficult to choose from so many luxury watches brands, because when you are to buy a watch for your first time, you may have little understanding on the wrist watches. For me, personally the first watch in my life I will surely recommend the replica rolex watches usa, Rolex from fine durability or in terms of value it is right choice, and you will never go wrong with a Rolex watch. And today, we are to take a review on a Rolex Daytona watch.

The branded new Rolex Daytona is carrying with the 904 l steel solid link oyster type watch strap, which is equipped with oyster type insurance clasp, so as to prevent accidental open of the buckle. The watch buckle also installed the rolex patented easy adjustable link, and the extension device design is clever, which can make the wearer easily extend the strap around 5 mm, to make the wearing more comfortable in all situations.

This new Rolex Daytona watch is equipped with 4130 type automatic winding mechanical timing movement, the movement is developed and manufactured by rolex. And the structure of the movement is the overhaul, which condensed rolex exquisite tabulation technology, greatly reduced the number of timer components, so that the movement is more reliable. After the movement is installed into watchcase, it will be tested, and for such rolex top observatory precision meter, the average error is of plus or minus two seconds per day, compared to those normal observatory precision meter, the precision twice. Green seal is the symbol of top observatory precision meter, each rolex watches are attached the stamp, with the global warranty guarantee for five years.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Patek Philppe Nautilus Watches

If you are to buy a replica Swiss watch from replica watches uk store, I will surely recommend the Patek Philppe Nautilus Ref. 5990 for you, which is carrying with the Patek Philppe homemade automatic winding timing movement, and the main characteristic is the fly back timing second hand and the hour timing bezel at 6 o ‘clock position. As the newest member of this Nautilus series, it is by far the most complicated watch. The Ref.5990 which was launched in 2014 is equipped with patek philippe two iconic complex functions, and this in itself is worthy of attention, because the Nautilus before has never had such a complex mechanical system. Ref. 5990 is carrying with a self-winding fly back timing movement, and it is equipped with the second time zone display and two independent day/night display windows, which is adjusted from two buttons at the left side of the watch bezel. In the Nautilus series, patek philippe turned the left ear of the watch bezel into generous-size button, under the case that it does not affect the watch line, it keeps its functionality and harmony.

However, the description of the Nautilus is limited to men’s wrist watch and it is not fair. In 1980, women had their own version; In 2013, the latest generation of Nautilus ladies watch was born. Nautilus ladies watches had smaller diameter of 32, 33, or 35 mm, and were divided into stainless steel and gold watches, and they were equipped with unique exclusive dial, grooved stripe still existed, but had become waves ripple. Rod-shaped pointer is substituted into leaf, but retained the original curve. Because of diamonds, the watch bezel often disappears, and the diamonds also can choose to set to dial or on the watch chain, thanks to the Exquisite workmanship of the Geneva, patek philippe jewelry workshop.

Now, more and more Nautilus ladies watches began to pick up mechanical movement, revealing the patek philippe strategic development direction of the focus on women’s watch, and that is very wise.

IWC Watches: Reviews on the Portofino IW458101 Watches

For this Portofino IW458101 Watch, it is a branded new watch that is launched in 2017, and the watch case is made of polished stainless steel, in the diameter of 37mm, and the watch case thickness is 9mm, it is matching with the silvery white silver plating watch dial, the Radial sun stripe on the watch dial will represent the dynamic gloss according to the change of the light, just like the Sparkling water surface of “portofino”. On the dial, there are solid rod time scales, and at 6 and 12 o’clock position there are Roman numerals time scales, each hour time scale position corresponds to a sparkling diamond. And at 3 o’clock position, it has delicate date display window, and matching with the time scales harmoniously.

The stainless steel watch crown of this replica watches swiss is delicate and cabinet, the top is set the iwc brand logo, and the side is set non-slip texture, which is very convenient for operation. The Portofino IW458101 Watch is equipped with light brown Santoni crocodile leather strap and which is harmoniously echoing with the golden time scales on the dial, and the watch strap is matching with the stainless steel pin-type watch clasp. This IWC watch is carrying with Cal. 35111 automatic mechanical movement, which can provide 42 hours power storage. This wrist watch is not equipped with transparent case back bottom, and we can’t appreciate the beautiful running state of the watch movement, but the outer bezel of the stainless steel case bottom is inscribed with “PORTOFINO”, the name of the series, “3 BAR” – 3 BAR waterproof and other related information of this IWC wrist watch.

The Portofino IW458101 wrist watch is a neutral watch, both men and women all can wear it. The warm color attune of strap and the time scale and pointer echoes of inside and outside, and brings out the best in each other, and it let the wearer wantonly bath under the warm Mediterranean sun.

Tag Heuer: Reviews on TAG Heue Aquaracer 300M Watches

This series wrist watch has superior performance, and it is extremely attractive in appearance, which more reveals the charm of the watch movement at the same time, you’ll never forget it after taking a glimpse on it – watch case with 300 meters of waterproof depth, the unidirectional rotating bezel that has strong strength to be grasped, with 12 surface edges, screw-plug crown, luminous markers with high visibility and the pointer, watch case back that is engraved with the screw-plug diving helmet design. Tag Heuer new Aquaracer series wrist watch in 2017 regroups, on the basis of keeping continuing the classic, replace the ceramic watch bezel of the Tag Heuer watches in 2016 with the aluminum watch bezel, and it is carrying with a quartz movement, so as to meet the strong market demand. Aquaracer series wrist watch meticulous manufacturing standards and strict testing means make it become the watch with excellent quality on the market.

For the technique details, there are three versions, including the WAY101B.BA0746 with black watch dial and red aluminum watch bezel, the WAY101A.BA0746 with black dial and the black aluminum watch bezel, and WAY101C.BA0746 with blue dial and blue aluminum watch bezel. All of the replica watches are carrying with the quartz movements, and the watch cases are in 43mm diameter, featuring Satin polishing stainless steel, red, blue or black aluminium unidirectional rotating bezel, silver paint, engraved numbers, and using white SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent points at 12 o ‘clock position, anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal mirror, polished stainless steel screw-plug crown, screw-plug watch case back with diving helmet design.

At 12 o ‘clock position it is inscribed “TAG Heuer” and “AQUARACER” logo, at 6 o ‘clock position it is inscribed “300 M / 1000 FT (300 metres / 1000 feet) words, and it sets the date window at 3 o ‘clock position, three circle satin polished stainless steel bracelet is matching with polished stainless steel folding buckle and security button and scuba diving extension device.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Sporty Watches

When it comes to the Swiss sporty watches, the Rolex watches must be highly recommended, and if you do not know how to choose a suitable rolex replica swiss, here just follow us to get the right choice after read the watches reviews on two Rolex sporty watches.

Rolex Air-king Watch

When it comes to the branded new Rolex Air-king watch which was released in 2016, personally I think it is the combination of the Rolex Explorer and the Rolex Milgauss watch, which abandoned some elements and added some other elements. The new Rolex Air-king watch is 1mm bigger than that of Rolex Explorer I watch, but there is no luminous indication in the time scales of 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, and when compared to the Rolex Explorer I watch, the latter has definite advantage, but the Rolex Air-king watch has one other advantage, that is the antimagnetic function. For the watch dial surface design, it is more complicated and the price is a little expensive when compared to the Rolex Explorer I watch. And as the first watch that is reborn in the Rolex Air King series, we can see that Rolex has given it a lot of special meaning. And the only regret for this Rolex watch is that the time scales do not have the luminous indication function, if not, that will be a perfect works in Rolex brand.

Rolex Submariner Watch

Rolex Submariner black dial has the waterproof effect as deep as 300 meters, together with its oyster watch case protection, it has become the top choice for the outer sports. The instantaneous jumping calendar and rolex character blister calendar window can see the date clearly. Functions like other dive watches, but pressure resistance is no one can compare with it, whether the waterproof support from the out watch case, or the solid material can make the Rolex Submariner black dial watch different from other kinds of diving watches.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Panerai Luminor Due PAM00675

After touching the real object, the new Luminor Due is much thinner than those earlier Panerai watches, without the dense sense, also will not appear abrupt even in the girl’s wrist. Still remember the scene of the new product preview, someone said: after waiting for so long time, Panerai finally has the thin section. Yes, Panerai is to grab the wallet, Luminor Due watch not only have not loss some elements of the Panerai, and it becomes more fashionable and has temperament.

The watch cases of the swiss replica watches become thinner and has more lines sense, and the edges are clearer, especially the watch ear part becomes slender, and has become a whole body.  According to official data, the new series watch is 40% thinner than the similar Luminor 1950 model, both gauge diameter are of 45 mm, but the thickness is only 10.7 mm.

The watch dial is still adopting the sandwich structure, and there sets the rod-shaped time scale and digital display, all are covered with the Luminous indication coating, at 9 o ‘clock position there sets with small second dial, featuring simple style, and deducing the style of the Panerai watch perfectly. But at the same time, the watch dial surface also carried on the new design, and it used the sun’s radiation decorative decoration, compared with the previous watches, it is more elegant and fashionable, and also it is very elegant, and it is very rare in Panerai wrist watches, it also illustrates that the Luminor Due opens the new fashion mode for the Panerai brand.

People who has seen the real object of the Panera watches may have the same feeling, the hands feeling and the comfort degree of the Panerai watch strap cannot be compared by several brands. The Panerai Luminor Due PAM00675 is matching with a pure black genuine leather strap, whose texture is nature, and wearing is comfortable; at the same time it is matching with a red gold material pin-type watch button, the lateral is marked “PANERAI”.

Hublot Watches: How to Choose Big Bang Watches?

Suggestion one: Hublot 44MM Big Bang 318.CI.1129.GR.DMA09 Watch

For this Big Bang watch, it is a professional Chronograph, and the watch is applying the ceramic watch case, matching with the black crocodile leather strap, and you will feel it soft when wearing on your wrist. The special seconds hand on the watch dial surface is applying with the slightly blue design, to be obviously unique. The Hublot 44MM Big Bang 318.CI.1129.GR.DMA09 Watch is carrying with the HUB 1146 automatic winding movement, which can provide 42 hours of power storage

Suggestion two: Hublot Big Bang Italia Independent Watch 411. YT. 411. NR. ITI16

Watchcase lateral of this Hublot watch follos the BIG BANG series essence, black natural rubber is insert in the middle of the watch case. On the 18 k gold PVD coating titanium crown it is engraved with the molding black rubber Hublot logo, and it applies the black PVD coating 18 k gold button. This swiss replica watch has high resistance to wear and it is comfortable when you wearing on your wrist. The avant-garde fashion design deduces the classic charm of the watch – engraving the most famous military theme designs on the dial silk texture, and the Texalium ® material which is located in the lower is faintly visible. This Hublot watch is matching with black rubber pure black denim strap, together with the “one-click” removable strap device. And it possess excellent lightness and flexibility. In addition, it is carrying with carbon fiber and titanium plating black metal folding clasp, lateral signets the brand LOGO in English. The index and the time scales are covered with the Super Luminova ® fluorescent coating, in the dark environment, you also can accurately read time. For the watch movement, it is carrying with the Hublot homemade automatic fly back timing movement HUB1242, which is very accurate. If you want to get fashionable accessory, this Hublot Big Bang is surely your top one choice.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Watches

Cartier was founded in France in 1847, it is most prominent in the field of world jewelry, watches and accessories, and it had been praised by Britain’s king Edward vii as “imperial jeweler, the emperor of jeweler”. With the concept of continuous innovation and the design of the wonderful artical excelling nature, Cartier embodies the world jewelry and watches design history, and it is respected and loved by the royal family and celebrities ladult. The best replica watches not only have excellent performance, and it has elegant noble appearance. Now we are to review on an elegant noble CARTIER ROTONDE DE CARTIER watch, official models: WHRO0002.

On the watch circular dial, the blue sword hour pointer and minute pointer indicate the time, and there are the function of date, week, month display, and the dial surface design is beautiful and unique. This Cartier watch uses the 18k rose gold material to make the circular watch case whose diameter is 40 mm, and thickness is 13.26 mm, and the internal uses the elegant and delicate white dial and blue pointer, and it is covered with the sapphire crystal glass watch mirror. The Cartier WHRO0002 watch assembly elegant noble brown strap, and it is using folding clasp. The watch is beautifully designed, and the workmanship is delicate, the appearance is elegant and noble.

The watch side is installed a circular crown, and the top of the crown is decorated with a round black jewel, and the side USES the insection decoration, to make the design beautiful, and you can grasp conveniently. And this wrist watch is using a soft brown alligator strap, strap tailoring is reasonable, the edge is seamed with a brown stitches, and the decorative is natural and beautiful, and when you wear it, it is comfortable and generous and elegant. The appearance of 13.26 mm thick watch case is round, and the surface is through the polishing treatment, to be bright and clean and shiny. The watch bezel of the watch is arc design, having more three-dimensional sense.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Day-Date 40 Watch

In 2015, the most important new product of ROLEX is the new generation basic movement 32 series, in this year, Rolex watches that are carrying with the new movement can only be Rolex Day-Date 40 and Pearlmaster 39, the Day-Date watch was originally ROLEX watches featuring beautiful and charming appearance and Rolex Pearlmaster also belongs to female watch, so without any surprise that in the year of 2015 the discussion on 32 series movement are from Day-Date watches; On the other hand in addition to change new movement, the new generation Rolex Day-Date itself also has many important changes, it is also worth the attention from those people who want to buy watches.

The Rolex Day-date 40 has four models when it is launched in 2015, and there is other new models in 2016, among which the one with the highest sensitometry must be the Platinum blue dial watch, whose dial surface is decorated with the Diagonal lines, which also adds a uniqueness for the special color.

One of the characteristics of the Rolex Day-date 40 is its movement. And the movement that is carried on the Day-date is the 3255 movement, and the one carried on the Rolex Pearlmaster watch is applying with the Rolex 3235 movement, and the difference is whether have the date display or not. The number No. Logic is the same with the past. New movement has made a lot of changes, but mostly are the changes on details.

If you wear the watch, you will obviously find that the power reserve has been increased from 48 hours to 70 hours, other aspects such as escapements improved etc. Although there is quite a significant place in watch-making engineering, the actual use may not be realized, some parts of the advantages are reflected on the front-end production and follow-up maintenance. Anyhow, the appearance of the Rolex Day-date 40 blue dial watch has attracted the fan’s heart of quality fake rolex.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Hublot Big Bang Italia Independent Watch

The Swiss top brand Hublot joined hands with the Italian fashion accessories brand Italia Independent, achieving the legendary Big Bang Italia Independent wrist watch. In 2016, these two brands joined hands again, added a branded new camouflage series for the brand, with the limited collection of 250 pieces. Official version: 411. YT. 411. NR. ITI16

Hublot Big Bang Italia Independent Watch shows the carbon fiber strength and lightsome feeling, camouflage pattern is matching with the innovative material Texalium ® (aluminium coated carbon fiber), and the free fusion of the avant-garde design and material breakthrough more shows a new interpretation of the contemporary fashion. 45 mm watch dial is covered with a layer of black matte coating, revealing the atmospheric demeanor. And the black carbon fiber and Texalium ® on the watch bezel is decorated with 6 H PVD coating 18 k gold screws. The whole watch has enough “commando” tough temperament. Through the inside and outside of the watch there are Anti-reflective sapphire mirror which can see the hollow-out king gold pointer, small seconds timer dial and 60 points timing dial and digital times of different “dimensions” , and this swiss replica watches uk reflects the clear division of labor cooperation spirit, and it has enough administrative levels feeling. And the symbol on the dial 9 o ‘clock position conveys the message of peace, which reveals the extraordinary feeling of this Hublot wrist watch. And this Hublot has the power storage of 72 hours, and it can waterproof as deep as 100 meters.

Hublot once again proves its control ability for Texalium ® with color performance, in the face of the challenge of the technology and design, Hublot brand diligently combines the color exploration and material fusion incisively and vividly. This Hublot meter is a true “rebellion”, and it has become a great choice for the trendy people.