Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Quality Replica Watches

It has been a new year now, have you thought buying a new watch for yourself as a gift of the beginning of this year.

Rolex Daytona 116500LN-78590 watch
Watch diameter: 40mm

Watch movement: automatic winding movement

Watch Case material: 904L stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch review: This branded new Rolex DAYTONA watch is equipped with the Rolex black ceramic Cerachrom outer bezel that is developed by Rolex and has applied for the patent, so it is very solid and reliable, and tight and waterproof, and can automatically wind. This Rolex Daytona 116500LN-78590 watch is applying with the 904 l stainless steel watchcase, 40 mm diameter design, screw-plug timing button, and the watch crown is applying with triple lock, and the waterproof depth can be 100 meters.

Omega GMT Watch

Watch diameter: 44.5 mm

Watch movement: automatic winding movement

Watch Case material: ceramic material

Waterproof depth: 600 meters

Watch Review: Omega Seamaster series Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch once released has attracted the attention of numerous watch fans, the watch is applying with the all black ceramic material, and achieves the breakthrough innovation. This wrist watch diameter is of 45.5 mm, and the pure black dial is equipped with the new GMT watch bezel, and the diving scales on the ceramic bezel are applying with the Liquidmetal technologies. Wrist watch has 600 meters super waterproof performance, both in daily wear or as a professional diving watch, it is a very good choice.

Conclusion: a year of hard working always draws a perfect full stop in the end of the year, reviewing the past always can find the source of change and motivate yourself, and these two Quality Replica Watches are perfect for hard-working people as a gift, they are a souvenir, and good wish for the future.

Swiss Watch Reviews: Reviews on the Rolex Branded New Air King Watch

Even though 2016 has gone by, the hottest watches in 2016 are still here, rolex’s new Air King watch and the new Explorer I watch can be two very popular quality replica watches, and the price are also very similar, so a lot of friends do not know how to choose these two watches. Today let’s take a review on it and make a contrast, to do a reference for everyone who make tough decisions.

Price advantage

For the new Rolex Air King watch, one of the advantage is its price, which is cheaper than that of the new Rolex Explorer, even though the difference is not so big.

Design advantage

The new Rolex Air King watch is the branded new design, and it is different from all the Rolex watches before, which has more fresh feeling. But for the Rolex Explore I watch, it only lengthened the watch minute pointer, and increased the luminous indication, without too many changes, so there is doubt in terms of the attraction. And new air king wrist watch adopts the design of 40 mm in diameter, 1 mm bigger than the new Rolex Explorer I, which is more in line with the aesthetic trend of big watch size.

Magnetic advantages

The new Rolex Air King watch is carrying with the Rolex 3131 automatic winding movement, which is the same movement as the green Rolex Milgauss watch, and it adopts the paramagnetic escapement gear train, so it also has the same super antimagnetic ability, this is what the Rolex new Explorer I does not have.

The Rolex new Air King watch has the novel design, but not all people like this kind of design, some people say that it is the ugliest Rolex they have seen, and the noctilucence of the new Rolex Air King watch can be its shortage, as there are so many other Rolex watches with strong noctilucence, such as the Rolex submariner, Rolex Explorer ect. But just make your choice according to your preference.

Rolex Watches: LeBron James Worn a Rolex Day-Date II Watch When Participating in the Cleveland Victory Parade

After defeating the golden state warriors, and winning 2015/16 NBA championship, on June 22 last year, local time, LeBron James and all other members of the cavaliers’ championship in downtown Cleveland attended the grand victory parade.

The o ‘brien cup implication is profound: the cavaliers not only beat the NBA regular season team that get the best record in the history, played the finals coming back from 3-1 to 4:3, more for Cleveland LanCheng broke the embarrassing record of 52 years without a championship.

The whole town turned out to welcome them and celebrate the championship and the whole city cheered. Lebron James appeared by wearing a rolex Day – Date II wrist watch, the watch seemed to be the expanded version of the classic Day – Date wrist watch, and the watch case is made with 18 k gold, the watch case size is 41 mm in diameter, which is equipped with a groove bezel, black dial with Roman numerals, and it has now been discontinued.

Of course, it is well known that lebron James is the watch image ambassador of the Swiss brand Audemars Piguet, and the long-term cooperation partner, and had launched Royal Oak offshore type lebron James special edition timing watch. This is also for many years, lebron James has been photographed for the first time wearing a non Audemars Piguet wrist watch. It is worth mentioning, lebron James teamate Kevin love, also took part in championship parade and just worn an audemars Piguet royal oak offshore wrist watch.

So it seems that replica watches rolex are widely worn and deeply loved by a large number of watches fans all over the world, and even there are so many famous stars also wearing the Rolex watches, even if he is the ambassador of other watch brand. Now, you want to own your own Rolex Day-date II Watch? Just buy now.

Hublot Big Bang: Reviews on Big Bang UNICO Usain Bolt Watches

In the 2015 world championships in Beijing, usain bolt won 3 gold MEDALS, and became the only one player who won 3 gold MEDALS in two successive world championships, it also makes him become the track and field athlete who has the most brilliant achievements in the history. Usain bolt said: “I want to make 2016 a memorable year, I want to achieve real big bang.” The branded new Big Bang UNICO usain bolt limited timing watches are divided into two versions, featuring the watch case diameter of 45 mm, matching with the timing movement that has the fly-back function, the central timing second hand looks like a bolt of lightning. The replica watches applied the collocation of gold and green color, and the watch strap is decorated with the Jamaican flag outline, which let a person think of the home of athletes. Through the watch case bottom of sapphire crystal, you can enjoy the precision operation of the UNICO movement, and the bottom of the Big Bang watch is decorated with “lightning” outline, to show the victory pose of Bolt.

Big Bang UNICO usain bolt 3 n 18 k gold wrist watch applies the 3N 18K watch case and bezel, matching with the calfskin strap (sewn rubber), shining the golden luster. The watch symbolizes that Bolt set the challenge for himself – realizing the dream of winning 3 gold MEDALS at the Rio Olympics.

Big Bang UNICO usain bolt all-black watch is decorated with the fresh color of Jamaica, showing honor to the road to legend usain bolt achievement and his quest for a new record. Case and bezel of this Big Bang watch are made with ceramics, setting limit to issues 250 pieces. It is worth mentioning that for the six screws to fix the watch bezel, its material is the same as the gold medals that bolt won.

Cartier Watches: Reviews on Tank Louis Cartier Watches

In the early 1920 s, the style of the Tank watch case became rectangle from the square, such as bending Tank Cintrée wrist watch (1921), Tank L.C. wrist watch (Tank Louis Cartier watches, 1922), as well as Tank Allongée wrist watch (1922). Since then, the Tank watches appeares in a variety of different names and appearance, it has square Tank watches, or rectangle Tank watches as well. As what Franco Cologni points out, the specification changes casually, it is the proof of the perfect proportion of the original Tank watch.

During one hundred years, no matter how market and trends ebbed and flowed, Tank watch can always responsed. In 1922, Cartier Tank Chinoise wrist watch was launched. Tank Chinoise wrist watch got inspiration from the temple bar, the beam column up and down also is echoing with the two side vertical watch ears. In 1978 and 1979, Cartier subsequently released two new Tank Chinoise wrist watches for men and women. In 1928, when the market showed great interest in digital display, and thought that it was more modern than traditional minute hand, Tank à Guichets wrist watch arisen at the historic moment.

Some clients wanted to flip the swiss replica watches, in order to protect the dial, so as to realize the personalized engraving, in response to this need, in the year of 1932 the Cartier Tank Réversible was born. Tank Réversibl watches applied the Cartier – Jaeger-LeCoultre patent technology design, and it has become the Tank Basculante wrist watch’s sources of inspiration. Tank Basculante wrist watch produced only 416 pieces in the history, due to its scarcity it was deeply loved and chased by the watch collector. And the Tank Must watch issued in 1977 belonged to Must DE Cartier series, with silver plating watchcase, and different colors of paint dial, and more affinity price, it was widely popular among young customers.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Lady 300M Stainless Steel Watches

Whether it is deep cool black or midnight blue, the brand new Aquaracer lady 300 m stainless steel watch sports and elegant charm, and it is the key to modern women. It is featuring the blue or black natural pearl fritillaria dial, ceramic bezel and the rubber strap. This Swiss watch is matching with the stainless steel strap, showing sporty style, and the watch bezel set with diamonds which send out the sparkle costly glamour. This series has different sizes and materials, ceramic watches in last year’s performance is particularly prominent.

This year, the Tag Heuer releases new Aquaracer lady wrist watch, which has stainless steel watch case, and for the first time on natural pearl fritillaria dial applies thesemi-transparent blue or black paint, and it is matching with a ceramic bezel and satin lining rubber strap. This watch highlights the sporty fashion, with the elegant size of 35 mm, waterproof deepness of 300 meters underwater, and the ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel with 12 edges. The watch bezel of this replica watches for sale is made of ceramic material, to provide excellent scratch resistance. And the watch dial is embedded with 11 diamonds. In addition, there are other versions whose watch bezels are set with 35 diamonds, and the total weight is 0.59 carat, adding costly glamour beauty to the watch. Also the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Lady 300M Stainless Steel Watch for sports fans specially prepares the stainless steel strap to match.

For the total versions of the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Lady 300M Stainless Steel Watches, there include the WAY131L.FT6091 with midnight blue bezel and blue staining rubber strap, WAY131M.FT6092 with deep cool black ceramic bezel and black staining rubber strap, WAY131L.BA0748 with midnight blue bezel and stainless steel bracelet, WAY131M.BA0748 with deep cool black ceramic bezel and stainless steel bracelet, WAY131N.FT6091 with blue diamond watch bezel and blue staining rubber strap, WAY131P.FT6092 with black diamond watch bezel and black staining rubber strap.

Rolex Watches: Review on the Rolex Deepsea 116660-98210 Black Dial Watch

The hot summer will come in the near future, and it often makes people sweat, we like to choose swimming, and diving as our summer way of leisure, and Rolex Deep-Sea watch seems to be taking the advantage of this opportunity, this is a generation of classic of the professional diving equipment of the rolex replica, and it is really rare diving watch and you may do not always can see it. At the same time, almost all rolex series of classic watches are all in stock for sale, including Yacht-master and even Cellini Prince watch.

Rolex Deepsea 116660-98210 Black dial watch

Rolex Deepsea 116660-98210 Black dial watch is the “Folklore” of the Rolex professional explorer diving equipment, and the biggest characteristic of this Rolex Deepsea watch is its waterproof depth, which can reach 3900 meters, far more than ordinary diving watches, and the Rolex Submariner watches feature only 300 meters depth of waterproof. And, more importantly, the water-resistant watch with such depth need complex compressive watchcase structure in theory, so it normally is hard to make the thickness that is suitable for everyday wear, and while the Rolex DEEPSEA is thick, it has just done that. The Rolex Deepsea 116660-98210 Black dial watch has been hold the altar with production in the field of diving watches, now is still a classic works of the professional adventure diving meters. Such a “small” device can resist the water stress under thousands of meters, this is amazing and it’s advantageous, at the same time it maintains the characteristics of precision and the compressive resistance of the Rolex watches.

If you are a sporty man who enjoys diving under the sea, the Rolex Deep-sea watch surely is the best choice for you, because of its famous characteristic of the waterproof depth up to 3900 meters, and rare diving watches can reach this waterproof level. In addition, the time accuracy of the Rolex Deepsea watch can be guaranteed by its excellent movement.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Hublot Classic Fusion 515.CS.0910.LR Watch

The Hublot Classic Fusion series enamel brito wrist watch perfectly fuses the contemporary art and the traditional enamel craft, and every detail of the watch incisively and vividly embodies the unique brand watch genes and concept. The watch came out during the 2015 Basel senior and horological exhibit, and set limited to only 50 pieces, with the reference price of RMB 263,000 Yuan, and the wrist watch model is 515. CS. 0910. LR.

This wrist watch represents the exquisite watchmaking idea of the Hublot brand, boldly combining the traditional craft of Big flame enamel craft and modern pop and cubist art, and finally representing with the works of Romero Britto; the fusion of two arts and crafts achieves this unique meter works. The watch case of this fake watches uk is made with black polishing ceramic material, and the texture sense is like a jade, gauge diameter of this watch is 45 mm, which is in line with the wearing habit of the modern people; That watch master is adhering to the consistent style of the Romero Britto’s works, so the watch is funny gorgeous and colorful, through this wrist watch meticulously reconstructed the works contour.

The Hublot Classic Fusion 515.CS.0910.LR Watch no matter from any angle, any detail or profile, is not difficult to find that this is a works with extremely sophisticated workmanship. The black watch ear is made of synthetic resin material and it is unique with clear angular, and it is also connected with the watch case naturally through two screws. The watch crown at 3:00 o’clock position is made from the polished black pottery and porcelain, on the top it is engraved with classic logo of the Hublot watch.

This Hublot watch is matching with a black alligator leather strap, complementary with black stitching, to be fashionable and beautiful. And it is also matching with a black PVD coating steel folding clasp, with the Hublot classic logo on the profile. For the watch movement, it is carrying with the HUB1302 manual winding movement, which can provide 90 hours of power storage.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 Watch

This year’s SIHH Geneva show, the Piaget was launching a rose gold watch, which was known as the world’s most thin wrist watch, and it fused the movement and watchcase as a whole, reducing the thickness of the wrist watch to the extreme. About the thickness of the wrist watch, probably it hasn’t the thinnest watch but the thinner watch only, not only the Piaget, many watch brands are committed to the research and development of the ultra-thin watches with the extreme thickness and great functions. In the 2017 SIHH, in addition to the Piaget, the Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched the ultra-thin wrist watches. Here we are take a review on the Piaget ultra-thin watch Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 in the follows:

Ultra-thin wrist watch has always been the famous watches in Piaget brand, and 60 years ago, Piaget launched the best watch – 9 p ultra-thin watch which caused the blockbuster, and 60 years later, Piaget also launched this extreme thin wrist watch, reshowing the unsurpassed performance at that time. Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A42110 Watch is made by18 k rose gold, which is just 38 mm in diameter, and the thickness is of only 3.65 mm, and it is the world’s thinnest 18 k rose gold wrist watch.

The watch dial of the replica luxury watches applied the eccentric layout, eccentric type hour hand, minute hand small dial was set at 10 o ‘clock position in the watch dial, which was elaborately decorated with grain, and the outer marker bezel through satin drawing processing, showed the fine texture. At the rest position of the watch dial, we can enjoy the precise operation of the movement parts. The watch bridge has been dealt with chamfering processing and the sun radiating fog surface polishing; the wheel gear was polished with the sun radial or loop fog surface polishing. This Piaget watch was carrying the Piaget homemade 900 p ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, and the gem number is 20, which can provide dynamic storage for about 48 hours. And it set limit pieces to only 200.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Panerai PAM00580

The Panerai Luminor Pam00580 is matching with a dark brown leather strap, whose texture is soft with reasonable cutting, and the edge is seam by the white stitches, you will feel it comfortable while wearing it. Dark brown color of this Panerai watch gives a person with the vintage, elegant and generous feeling. Strap is connected with the pin type watch button that is made of titanium material, to make the opening and closing of the watch simple, and it is easy to wear, and not easy to fall off.

The watch dial of the Panerai Luminor Pam00580 watch is circular, on the black dial surface there use brown Arabic numerals and strips as time scales, and use the center pointer to indicate the time; In the middle of the dial it is equipped with four pointers, among which the pointer with coating is the common timing pointer, the other two Pointers are timing pointers; at the position of 3 o’clock it has a square date display window, at nine o ‘clock position it has small seconds dial. The watch dial of this replica watches swiss is covered sapphire crystal glass watch mirror. The design of the small seconds dial in the dial o ‘clock position is contracted, small second hand crafted cleverly, and it is very beautiful; Small seconds dial scale is also brown color. Watch Ear and watch case is molded as an organic whole, and the watch ear is not long, and it is very cabinet and delicate; as horn type, with a micro arc, it can be assured to be more relevant and fitted when you are wear this Panerai watch.

The watch case back is applying with the transparent case back design, and the case bottom is domineering dodecagon, and the outer edge is engraved with the name of Panerai and the relevant parameters of this Swiss watch; through the center transparent lens you can see automatic mechanical movement inside the watch. This movement is Panerai homemade movement, and it can offer wrist watch for three days power storage.